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13 December 2005 | Printer friendly

TERRA Mileniul III Foundation: awareness raising in schools on energy savings

"I am currently coordinating an environmental education project on climate change, named “Green Schools - an investment in our children’s future”, which aims at saving energy by new practices in schools, which means less CO2 emissions; involving more and more children and school people into energy saving process. The highlights of the project are on making the energy consumers aware of energy waste and promoting good practices in energy saving at school level.

The project is being implemented in 8 different towns in Romania, thus spreading the NGO network created two years ago, for the first environmental education project - “Save the Climate!” and already extended last year, when the “Kyoto Club” project was implemented.

We expect to train teachers and pupils in energy surveys and teamwork and to get more knowledge through to the target groups in energy saving practices."

(Ioana Ciuta, TERRA Mileniul III Foundation)

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