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15 December 2005 | Printer friendly

UNEP National Committee (NATCOM) Bulgaria: awareness raising on sustainable development

Since 1999 the UNEP NATCOM- Bulgaria is working on raising the public awareness to the concept of sustainable production and consumption. In the last 6 years its small team has been involved in a number of international and regional projects, events and multilateral discussions focus on the topic as those at the UNEP Governing Council in Kenya and the Commission on Sustainable Development in New York.

At local level UNEP Natcom- Bulgaria:
- organized the National Promotion of the UNEP Global Youth Campaign on Sustainable Consumption in 1999,
- organized the first European UNEP Pilot Workshop “Sustainable Consumption and Production Opportunities in Europe” in 2001,
- in 2002, implemented a common project with Consumers International, UNEP and the bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters (MoEW) on the UN Guidelines on Consumers Protection,
- in 2003 with the partnership of our MoEW, developed a informational package on Sustainable production and Consumption.
- In September 2005, in partnership with ANPED, organized the Pan European Conference “Making sense of the Sustainable Production and Consumption” (Borovets 2005).

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