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12 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Two French publications on environmental risks and public awareness raising on eco-citizenship

Two French publications adressed to the wide public came out in May 2005.

The first one, “Alertes Santé” (Health Alert), from André Cicollela and Dorothée Benoît-Broweays, is going through important public health cases in the past few years - like aspestos - raised by scientists or citizens. It shows the role of these people as "alert systems", which support ethics within production and expertise places.

The second book, “Guide de l’éco-citoyen” (Eco-citizen’s Guide), from Catherine Faber and Marie-Françoise de Pange-Talon, is a simple guide providing information and advice on everyday like behavior and consumption that are environmental and health friendly. It is based on the implementation of the precautionary principle to ourselves, and is a quite good book proving that there is no need to sacrify comfort in order to protect our environment and health.

The authors are scientists or doctors. They have, therefore, a good experience of the environmental burden of disease. Moreover, Mrs Benoît-Broweays is a co-founder of the NGO, Vivagora, which promotes public debates on scientific choices. And the authors of the "Guide de l’Eco-citoyen" are collaborators of the Quotidien du médecin (national publication for doctors).

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