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9 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Denmark: collecting ideas and experiences

"An interministerial group is coordinating implementation of the existing NEHAP in Denmark. (...)

This NEHAP contains activities relevant for both children and adults. With the interministerial group’s agreement, the National Board of Health has given priority in 2005 to work with ideas for supplementary child-specific actions and in May 2005, a wide spectrum of authorities - both central and local - and relevant organisations and networks were invited to submit up to three ideas each and to report on ongoing activities relevant for children’s environment and health.(...)

The interministerial group in Denmark will decide whether the collection of ideas and activities will contribute towards an update of the NEHAP or a separate CEHAP. Until that decision, 2005 is considered as a year of collection of ideas and experience with child specific actions. The broad collection of ideas is also meant as an awareness raising activity in Denmark."

This quote is taken from the official World Health Organization "web map" on the implementation of Budapest commitments.

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