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9 December 2005 | Printer friendly

France: first national congress on environmental pathologies, 7-8 October 2005

On 7-8 October 2005, in Rouen, L’Union Régionale des Médecins Libéraux de Haute Normandie, URML (Regional Union of Libearl Doctors of Haute Normandie) organized the first french national congress on environmental pathologies. The targeted public was general practitioners, veterinarian, health public servants and business people.

The objectives of the meeting were to:
- bring scientific knowledge on these news pathologies.
- make state of the current scientific debate.
- provide tools allowing the participants to include/understand the process of development of the standards and values thresholds.
- allow to reinstate human being in the center of our concerns, in order to better anticipate and protect it.

The modifications of the environment have an impact on public health. Doctors note in their consultations an increase in pathologies like cancers, neonatal malformations, the hypo fruitfulness, sterility, allergies, and other diseases still badly known such them orphan diseases.

Four aspects have been looked at: air quality, water, occupational health and sociology. The speakers were from different backgrounds (scientific, institutional, academic, etc...). We note that William Dab did an introductive presentation -he is a former general director of health in France but also now chairman of the European Environment and Health Committee for the CEHAPE!


The Regional Unions of the Liberal Doctors (URML) have now ten years and one its essential role is to inform and form liberal and patient medical experts. Four years ago, the URML Haute Normandie created a think tank and working group on possible interactions between certain pathologies either new, or abnormally in raise, and environmental factors.

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