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9 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Belgium/Wallonie: protecting the region from GMO

Nature & Progrès Belgique (Nature and Progress) published a press release on 30 September 2005, following the declaration from the Walloon ministry of Agriculture (Benoît Lutgen) stating that he refuses GMO in Wallonie. Moreover the ministry adopted a decree (“décrêt”) forbidding GMO in Wallonie. His was a great victory for Nature & Progrès as they were invited to the debates to the Commission on the Environment in the Walloon parliament.

Nature & Progrès Belgique is involved in a important campaign against GMO and is hoping that this reaction, added to many other regions’ opposition in Europe will send a clear message to the European Union that has already allowed GMO trade in Europe.

Read the press release.

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