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16 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Austria: feedback: a committed government but the ministries of Environment and Transport should do better

The following feedback is from Hans Moshammer from the NGO, International Doctors for the Environment - Austria (ISDE Austria).

- The ministry of environment is quite active and RPGs II and IV (especially transport&health and protection from chemicals) are well covered. However, the ministry of health does not do much in the field of children’s environment.
- The ministry of transport sometimes contributes to the Environment Ministry’s activities concerning mobility and has a strong position on transport safety, although on the other hand the minister foolishly also encourages much higher speed limits.
- Other ministries like e.g. the ministry of education are only little involved.
- The ministry of environment seems tries to organize a more coherent Austrian CEHAP now. It has a budget line for climate change and wants to combine this with “children” (e.g. mobility plans for schools, awareness raising campaigns on global change involving children etc....)
- A concerted National Action Plan, to which ISDE Austria gave substantial input, is being developed now.
- Several ambitious (and sometimes even scientific) projects mostly funded by the ministry of environment are now under way.
- Austria supports the international process (funding of the WHO / CEHAPE task force meetings etc...).

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