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8 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Bulgaria: working group with NGOs since June 2005

"In July 2004 the Government was informed about the main outcomes of the Budapest Conference and the concrete actions which Bulgaria should implement in relation to this. The Ministerial Council took the decision that all interested parties should be informed about the Conference outcomes and that the necessary steps be taken in order to implement them. Special emphasis was given to the NGOs’ involvement. Since then, several NGO meetings have raised awareness about CEHAPE and about the forthcoming activities in the country related to the development of the National Action Plan.(...)

Currently a working group for National CEHAP development is being set up composed of the main stakeholders, including NGOs. The actual development of the National CEHAP will start in June 2005. It will be the second revision of the National Environmental Health Action Plan."

This quote is taken from the official World Health Organization "web map" on the implementation of Budapest commitments.

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