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8 December 2005 | Printer friendly

France: regulation on lead, local authorities take further actions

When a house is being sold in France, a “lead diagnostic” should be made less than a year before and accompany the selling contract. If the building is established to have lead paintings in it, every owner should inform the people living in it about the fact that they are exposed to it and about the risks associated. If the “lead diagnostic”(Diagnostic plomb) establishes accessibility to it, it should be transmitted to the “Préfet” (local authority).

As a follow up, the “Préfectures” of Ariège and most of the ones from the Region Midi-Pyrénés (south of France) send a letter to each concerned owner, mentioning the diagnostic and explaining in details the risks encountered in leaving in such conditions, especially for children. Moreover, it lists out the precautions to take in this case, namely to avoid the degradation of the paintings, and the dissemination of their dust, especially if some work is being done in the house.

Furthermore, the letter reminds the owner that he has the obligation to inform the building/house’s inhabitants about there exposal to lead. It is also highly recommended to the owner to do his best to prevent the accessibility to lead, by hiding it and taking care of it.

Finally, the letter signals the possibility to ask (depending on wealthy ness) for some governmental financial assistance through the ANAH (Agence national pour l’Amélioration de l’Habitat), in order to eliminate and isolate lead.

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