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8 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Inter-environnement Wallonie (IEW)

Contact details

- Address : 6 boulevard du Nord 5000 Namur Belgique
- Phone: 00.32 (0) 81. 255.280
- Email:
- Websites:

- Date of creation: 1974

Mission and scope

- Mission: to defend and include the environment in all sectorial policies and projects through the federalization of the environmental associations in Wallonie.
- Scope: Local (walloon region) and national.
- Type of activity: Awareness raising/information exchange, advocacy and training.

- Created a website about indoor pollution
- Lobbying and manifesto on the REACH piece of legislation (see on
Consultations with governments
IEW was consulted on the "list d’actions régionales santé-environnement" (list of local actions on health and environment).

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