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8 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Espace Environnement

Contact details

- Address : Rue de Montigny, 29 B-6000 Charleroi (Belgium)
- Phone: +32 71 300 300
- Fax: + 32 71 509 678
- Email:
- Website:
- Date of creation: 1982

Mission and scope

- Mission: information, councelling and mediation in the fields of the environment, health, habitat, urbanism and architectural inheritance.
- Scope: European and local (Walloon Region)
- Type of activity: awareness raising and information exchange.

- On air pollution: fact sheets on indoor air pollution
- Capacity building seminar, raising awareness on clean indoor air for people working in nurseries.
Consultations with governments
Espace Environnement was consulted by the Belgium government, which also financially supported them for its awareness raising activities.
Publications related to children’s health
- Fact sheet on indoor air pollution
- Brochure on allergies

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