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8 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Stop Poison Santé

Contact details

- Address : 30, rue Saint-Donat B-6700 Arlon, Belgique
- Phone: 32-(0)81-414699
- Email:
- Website:
- Date of creation: July 1999

Mission and scope

- Mission: Stop Poison Sant works for helping to make progress on the issue of toxic contamination to the public: inform people, help victims and improve collaboration in research.
- Scope: National and local (Walloon region)
- Type of activity: information, orientation for victims, lobbying, denouncing environmental risks.

Projects/activities related to children’s health
Stop poison Sant highlights risks linked to exposure to toxic agents and tries to convince people to use products that are less or not hazardous. While doing this, it tries to highlight the fact that risk assessment is not taking into account vulnerable populations like children.
Consultations with governments
Stop Poison Sant attended consultation meetings on the National Environment and Health action Plan with the Belgian governement.
Publications related to children’s health
- Les maladies de l’environnement: un dfi pour les professionnels de la sant, actes du Colloque du 13 mars 2004 l’initiative de Stop Poisons Sant, Ed. Marco Pietteur, november 2004.
- Petit Manuel de mdecine environnementale pour la pratique quotidienne,Lohmann Kurt, Trder Jens-Martin et al., Stop Poisonss Sant, march 2004.

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