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8 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Belgium: indoor pollution and health monitoring (RPG III and IV)

"Following its consultations with stakeholders, the forum ("Cellule permanente") on environment and health has highlighted two topics:
- indoor pollution in children’s environments (crèches, day nurseries, schools, etc.), as part of work towards RPG III, and
- environment and health monitoring under RPG IV. On this basis, two Cellule working parties have been formed, with stakeholder participation, to draw up proposals with details of partners, budgets and timelines; they are to be presented for approval at the CIMES meeting in November 2005. These activities and projects will be supported by continuous dialogue with stakeholders, especially bodies representing young people, following the same approach as was adopted for preparation of and participation in the WHO Conference."

This quote is taken from the official World Health Organization "web map" on the implementation of Budapest commitments.

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