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6 December 2005 | Printer friendly

2 briefings from PAN Europe on some pesticides in the EU

PAN Europe published two briefings (n4 and n5) in October which both stress the importance of preventing the use of pesticides since they are endocrine disrupters for most of them. In doing this they criticize the EU regulation as it is too lose.

Briefing n4: “Methyl Bromide- phase out and alternatives” is a briefing that focuses on the Montreal Protocol -on substances that deplete the Ozone layer, among which the hazardous pesticide: Methyl Bromide- and its implementation in the EU. It shows that despite the fact that the Protocol was widely ratified, it contains a “critical use exemption” that allows all EU countries to continue to use Methyl Bromide-among which 8 are actually doing so- while there exist alternatives. There is an allocation every year for countries asking for the exemption.

Briefing n5: “Endocrine Disrupting Pesticides: concerns about vinclozolin and procymidone,” describes scientific concerns about the effects of these two substances as they are known for being quite dangerous and “in the pipeline to be re-approved under the EU pesticides authorization directive” (PAN Europe website).

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