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24 November 2005 | Printer friendly

43rd Annual Congress of the French Society of Clinical Toxicology: "Poisons in the domestic environment", Lille (France), December 8-9th, 2005

The French society of clinical toxicology is organizing its 43rd annual congress jointly with the Toxicological Society of Belgium and Luxembourg.

This congress (in French) is mostly open to physicians and scientists and will deal with scientific considerations, trying to answer questions such as “how dangerous the habitat can be for health?” or more specific ones like “how to combine the work of the physician and the analyst in toxicology?” with the sharing of knowledge from different countries, but mostly from France.

The first day will deal with identifying hazardous household products, and how to cure best some poisonings. The second day will look at some frequently found hazards such as carbon dioxin indoor emissions and lead, and then try and find a good combination between the demands of the clinical expert and the constraints of the analyst.

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