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22 November 2005 | Printer friendly

PINCHE project final conference to take place in Brussels, 23-25 November 2005

The final conference of the PINCHE project (Policy Interpretation Network on Children’s Health and Environment) and the Plutocracy project (Placental Uptake and Transfer of Environmental Chemicals Relating to Allergy in Childhood Years) will take place in Brussels on 23-25 November 2005.

At the conference, the final results and policy implications of the PINCHE and the Plutocracy projects will be presented, and oral and poster presentation in related scientific areas will be given. There will also be a special session with EU Parliamentarians.

The meeting provides an opportunity for involvement of stakeholder groups with an interest in the area of environmental child health. Results and policy implications from the two projects will be presented by the Consortia and there will be poster presentations of research in related scientific areas.

More information will be made available soon on the PINCHE website

Background on the PINCHE project

The PINCHE-project is a Policy Interpretation Network on Children’s Health and Environment, that has been funded by the European Union for three years. The PINCHE project is designed to provide decision makers, environmental health professionals, and other stakeholders with information relevant for policy development. This will help making decisions about issues in the area of children’s health and environment.

Environmental pollution potentially has large consequences for children’s health, and costs of doing something about it can be very high. Therefore a Network on Children’s Health and Environment can play an important role in providing policy makers and other interested parties in society with timely and balanced information about the relationship between pollution and health.

The Policy Interpretation Network will be based on existing research and will contribute to discussion, analyses, and (policy relevant) interpretation of the findings of current research. A network bringing together scientists and representatives of industry, NGO’s, patient organisations, policy makers etc. will be formed.

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