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16 November 2005 | Printer friendly

20th EEHC meeting on hazardous chemicals, Helsinki, 12-13 december 2005

The 20th meeting of the EEHC (European Environment and Health Committee) took place on December 12-13 in Helsinki. It gathered mainly representatives from the committed countries, from intergovernmental organizations (EC, EEA, UNEP, etc.) from the EEHC secretariat and non-governmental organizations.

The meeting included a scientific session dedicated to Regional Priority Goal IV of the CEHAPE, which consists in “reducing the risk of disease and disability arising from exposure to hazardous chemicals (such as heavy metals), physical agents (e.g. excessive noise) and biological agents and to hazardous working environments during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.” (CEHAPE)

There were also an open forum to review progress made by Member States in implementing the CEHAPE at a national level so far.


EEHC meetings take place every 6 months. The previous one took place in June 2005 in Copenhagen and was entitled “Indoor and outdoor air pollution - progress in the last year?”. The role of the EEHC is to support countries and to oversee coordination and follow up of the outcomes of the environment and health process in the wide Europe. It also promotes and paves the way to reporting from countries on the concrete actions taken in order to implement their commitments in Budapest in June 2004.

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