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14 November 2005 | Printer friendly

Greenpeace study reveals toys have highest levels of toxic chemicals

Greenpeace Italy commissioned a new study analysing the level of toxicity of a shopping basket of 12 common consumer items. The tests were carried out by Dutch laboratory TNO Environment and Geosciences. One of the main findings is that children toys had the highest level of toxic substances among which phthalates, alkylphenols, organotins and synthetic musks. These products can potentially disrupt hormonal functions, cause cancers or birth defects and harm reproduction.

Some progresses have been made through European restrictions put into place, regarding some of the products found in the toys. Moreover, Samsung, Nokia and Puma committed themselves to make their products less toxic in 2004. So did Sony and Sony Ericsson recently, showing that finding substitution products does not mean losing competitiveness.

A Greenpeace report: Safer Chemicals within Reach - Using the Substitution Principle to drive Green Chemistry, provides more information about the availability of safer alternatives and companies implementing substitution policies.

- Read the full study ¨The Chemical Shopping Basket: Chemical Analyses of 12 Consumer Products¨

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