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6 November 2005 | Printer friendly

RPG II: VOICE Fact sheet "Vulnerability of UK Pedestrians and Cyclists"

The European Transport Safety Council has published a fact sheet, as part of the VOICE : Vulnerable Road User Organisations in cooperation across Europe project, on the "Vulnerability of UK Pedestrians and Cyclists" stressing that even though the United Kingdom has the best overall road safety record in the EU, its performance in terms of protection of vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians, is less satisfactory.

Children represent a highly vulnerable group. Evidence suggests that child pedestrian and cycling accidents peak in the early years of secondary school when children begin to go to school unassisted.

The fact sheet also includes examples from Europe and beyond on what works best in terms of road safety. A number of countries have taken measures to increase protection of vulnerable road users to varying degrees. Many have been successful in decreasing casualties through a combination of engineering or infrastructure measures, law enforcement, and education - including awareness raising campaigns.

The examples presented in the fact sheet illustrate initiatives taken by other countries to tackle similar problems to those the United Kingdom and could therefore serve as a tool kit of measures that could be better implemented in the country.

VOICE : Vulnerable Road User Organisations in cooperation across Europe VOICE is a network to ensure that usually neglected VOICEs are heard in the transport debate - those of vulnerable road users. The VOICE coalition currently consists of: AGE - the European Older People’s Platform; ANEC - the European consumer voice in standardisation; EPHA Environment Network European Child Safety Alliance; European Disability Forum European Public Health Alliance; European Federation for Transport and Environment; European Transport Safety Council More information:

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