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20 November 2005 | Printer friendly

Seminar on indoor air pollution and children, Mons 18 November 2005

A seminar on « Indoor air quality and children’s health...How to protect them? » took place in Mons on 18 November 2005. The seminar was addressed to practitioners and the general public.

It was organized by the Institut provincial d’Hygiène et de Bactériologie du Hainaut (Provincial Institute of Hygiene and Bacteriology of Hainaut) and the Laboratoire d’études et de prévention des pollutions intérieures (Laboratory of studies and prevention of indoor air pollutions).

The day will was introduced by a Belgian MEP, and continued following three main themes:
- Expectations from the consumer and patient
- « Technical » answers
- Political answers and regulations. The conference was concluded with an intervention from two Belgium ministries: Christiane VIENNE (ministry of health, social action and equality of chances in Wallonie) and Catherine FONCK (ministry of childhood, help to youth and health of the French community).

Elisabeth Courteaud, EEN Policy and communication assistant, gave a presentation on the role of REACH at the EU level and the CEHAPE (Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe) at the Pan European level, to protect our children’s health.

In the framework of EEN work on CEHAPE, this conference was a very good example of what can be organized in each country in order to raise awareness and share knowledge and good practices about health and environmental activities for children, among practitioners and the wider public.

 Programme of the day
 EEN report from children’s indoor air quality meeting-181105

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