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6 October 2005 | Printer friendly

INCHES CHEST project: questionnaire on environment and health training modules

EEN Member INCHES is currently co-ordinating the EU funded project CHEST, Children’s Health, Environment and Safety Training. In this project INCHES works in close co-operation with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In the project, training modules are being prepared on several topics related to children’s environmental health, such as air pollution, allergies, lead exposure, and consumer products. The training modules are written to be used to train medical professionals, public health professionals, but also policy makers.

In addition to the preparation of these modules, the CHEST project is also making an inventory of environmental health priorities in the different countries in Europe, and in the project we are trying to list the institutes and organisations that are giving training on issues related to children’s environmental health.

A number of INCHES members are involved in writing of the modules. For all other members of INCHES and other people knowledgeable in environmental health and children we have the following request:

- Could you indicate what topics are most relevant for training in your country?
- Could you indicate what professions are most relevant to train on environmental health in your country?
- And could you send the names and addresses of the institutes you know that are currently giving training on environmental health, or fields close to environmental health? We would like to cooperate with them to set up training sessions in the near future.

Please contact Peter van den Hazel for more information on the project, and to get a questionnaire to respond to the above mentioned issues.

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