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4 November 2005 | Printer friendly

Clean Up

Contact details

Mission and scope

- Mission: Use the Clean Up method to get local schools and local authorities involved in a cooperation to make grown-ups focus on their responsibility for the environmental problems, and to make local agendas for sustainable development.

- Scope: European: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia,Hungary

Type of activities on children’s health

- Awareness raising/information exchange
- Activity projects with or for children

- Projects/activities related to the four Regional Priority Goals of the CEHAPE:

- On safe water and adequate sanitation (RPG I)
Clean Up covers the overarching themes of:
- Primary prevention (improving physical environment)
- Equity (giving priority to protection of children at highest risk)
- Health promotion (preventing and reducing exposure to environmental health hazards)

Budapest meeting and consultation process

- Participation in Budapest Ministerial Conference

- Participation in Healthy Planet Forum

- Reports

Consultation and implementation on CEHAPE


Account of Environment and Health events


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