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Contact details

Mission and scope

- Mission:EuroHealthNet aims to contribute to a healthier Europe with greater equity in health between and within European countries.

The network prioritizes work relating to the underlying socio-economic determinants of health and advocates for integrated approaches towards health improvement.

- Scope: EuroHealthNet is a network of 29 public health and health promotion institutes from EU Member States, the EEA and Candidate Countries.

Type of activities on children’s health

- Awareness raising/information exchange
- Research
- Other: While we have not focused exclusively on children’s health, this issue is an important part of our project work on "Tackling Health Inequalities across the EU", and on "Health and Social Inclusion".

- Projects/activities related to the four Regional Priority Goals of the CEHAPE:

EuroHealthNet’s activities cover the overarching themes of:

- Equity (giving priority to protection of children at highest risk)
- Poverty reduction (addressing multidimensional aspects of poverty among children)
- Health promotion (preventing and reducing exposure to environmental health hazards)


EuroHealthNet has not formulated any recommendation, although it will, in the near future, be looking much more closely at the issue of children’s environment and health in the context of its project: Closing the GAP: Strategies for Action to tackle Health Inequalities in Europe.


Report: Promoting Social Inclusion and Tackling Health Inequalities: an overview of good practices from the health field (available on, under publications) contains projects that focus on improving child health, it has not focused exclusively on the issue of children and environmental health.

EuroHealthNet is currently collecting information on/examples of EU polcies that have a positive or negative effect on health inequalities in EU Member States, and hope to produce a report on this in early 2006.

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