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International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN)

Contact details

Mission and scope

- Mission: part of IBFAN mission is to defend the right of infants to highest level of health, the right of women to full support of breastfeeding and sound infant feeding practices, and health care system free of commercial pressure.

- Scope:
- International
IBFAN has regional coordination offices in all continents and regions.
- European
Belgium, Czech R, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK. Other European countries outside of the EU.
- National

Type of activities on children’s health

- Awareness raising/information exchange
- Advocacy
- Activity projects with or for children
- Co-funding
- Training

- Projects/activities related to the four Regional Priority Goals of the CEHAPE:

- on safe water and adequate sanitation (RPG I)
Awareness raising on problems related to Breastmilk substitutes ( unsafe water, enterobacter sakazakii).

- on chemical-free environments (RPG IV)
Campaigning for adequate presentation of residues found in Breastmilk in order not to undermine breastfeeding.


- Breastfeeding briefs n 39 (in preparation)

The working group monitors research on chemical residues in breastmilk and baby foods and produces guideline statements in consultation with the IBFAN network when necessary:

- Compilation of Official Action: Risk of Contamination of Powdered Infant Formula with Enterobacter sakazakii December 2004 - Word document.
- Stop press update to compilation of official action on Enterobacter sakazakii Janaury 2005 - one page Word document.
- 10 Reasons for informative labelling of powdered infant formulas - one page Word document.
- Towards Healthy Environments for Children - Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about breastfeeding in a contaminated environment. PDF file (7k kb). Produced by IBFAN and partner organisations.
- 20 December 2000 - IBFAN Guideline Statement on Breastfeeding and Dioxins

Access to the reports.

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