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26 November 2005 | Printer friendly

Model advocacy letter: ask for consultation with your government before 10 December!

Dear (Contact person for your country which can be found on our website at,

We are (description of your organisation). We are interested in becoming more involved in environment and health issues.

As you know, at the Budapest Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in June 2004, our government committed itself to developing a national action plan on children’s environment and health. The process requires consultation with civil society.

The national plan as well as the consultation process that it involves will be presented to an inter ministerial meeting in mid-2007 (see agenda item n9 of the upcoming 20th EEHC meeting in Helsinki available at

I am writing to you today to ask for consultation plans for 2006 in preparation for this review.
- Have any arrangements and schedule been agreed for this process?
- If so, could you ensure that it is featured on the WHO Europe web map on the progress of implementation ( so that other stakeholders can learn more about this consultation?

According to the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe, signed by our government:

“To ensure the development and implementation of national children’s environment and health action plans, we commit ourselves to using and adapting existing national bodies on environment and health or to establishing new mechanisms that will involve all relevant stakeholders, including the corporate sector, trade unions, child-focused NGOs and parents’, children’s and youth organizations.”

European NGO priorities for CEHAPE and children’s environment and health are available on the European Public Health Alliance Environment Network’s “Healthier environments for children” website ( - click on “NGO positions”), as well as information on what various NGOs across Europe are doing around children’s environmental health.

I look forward to hearing from you on how the government will take this very important process forward.

 Advocacy letter

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