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3 November 2005 | Printer friendly

How to stimulate a consultation


1. Draft a letter to the national contact point (details on country page, “WHO is who?” section). The letter can be copied to your ministers of health and environment.

2. Visit the country page (home page and “What your government is doing” section) to see what your government says about consultation with stakeholders and whether other NGOs in your country are already being consulted.

3. Get in contact with other groups involved to ask them whether they are willing to sign the letter with you.

4. Send the letter, including a copy to EEN (email address?) a copy so that we can feature your effort on the website.

5. If you have already had a consultative meeting with your government or if one is planned, let us know so that we can feature this on the website (if you have not already done so).

6. Prepare to meet your government with the help of information from this website:
- A. “NGO positions” section provides a short summary of the policy recommendations of civil society groups.
- B. Country statistics available include: figures on accidents and injuries (ECSA - UNICEF - add report website address), asthma (table on wheezing among 13-14 year olds from WHO/EEA evidence book), air pollution levels in major cities, access to safe drinking water (UNICEF State of the World’s Children report), child poverty in Europe ( - check). More figures are available on WHO’s Implementing CEHAPE website.

7. If you want to develop national joint NGO priorities, you could ask your government for a room to meet prior to the official consultation meeting. Such preparation is likely to add to the effectiveness of the official consultation.

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