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Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL) - formerly EPHA Environment Network (EEN)

Contact details

Health & Environment Alliance
28 Boulevard Charlemagne
B-1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Tel: +32 (0)2 233 3875 (direct) Fax : +32 2 233 3880

Mission and scope

- Mission: Health & Environment Alliance is an international non-governmental organisation advocating greater protection of the environment as a means to improving the health and well being of European citizens. One of its key objectives is to bring health expertise to the environmental policy-making process.

- Scope: European and international: HEAL counts 53 members with 5 international organisations, 12 European networks and 36 national/local organisations.

Type of activities on children’s health

- Awareness raising/information exchange
- Advocacy
- Activity projects with or for children

- Projects/activities related to children’s environment and health:

- on clean outdoor and indoor air - Preventing and reducing respiratory diseases and asthmatic attacks (RPG III)

- on chemical-free environments (RPG IV): EEN has organised several campaigns and seminars on EU chemicals policy (REACH) with a special focus on children.

In particular, HEAL has produced a position paper on REACH and children’s health, a booklet on the links between ill health and chemical exposure entitled Sick of chemicals, and a joint publication with other environmental NGOs called "Chemicals beyond control.

HEAL has also co-organised a chemicals cocktail (in October 2004) and a lunch briefing on chemicals concerns for public health (in May 2005) in the European Parliament. In fall 2005, HEAL participated in a Europe-wide NGO campaign on REACH, on the occasion of the decisive voting of the European Parliament. More information on HEAL activities around chemicals can be found on HEAL website

Budapest meeting and consultation process

- Participation in Budapest Ministerial Conference: HEAL participated actively in the Budapest Ministerial Conference. HEAL Director, Genon Jensen, represented the health NGO community at the Conference and made a keynote address.

Also, HEAL co-organised with Eco-forum and WHO Europe a Ministerial Roundtable on the Implementation of CEHAPE’s Regional Priority Goals: effective policies, practical tools and functioning alliances to protect our children’s health. HEAL coordinated the preparation and wide dissemination of an NGO open letter (in English and Russian) to Ministers attending the Budapest Conference.

Finally, HEAL organised a side-event in the Ministerial Conference entitled ¨IT’S OUR WORLD, OUR FUTURE TOO - Increasing Young People’s Participation in Environmental Health issues¨ showcasing some of the participatory approaches allowing young people’s ideas and concerns to be brought to the policy-making agenda in Europe.

- Participation in Healthy Planet ForumHEAL contributed to the development of the HPF concept since the very beginning. At the Forum, HEAL was present with an information stand and organised some events in partnership with Member organisations. In particular, HEAL held a workshop for young people on using video. UK, Russian and Hungarian students involved in EEN participatory video project participated in the workshop.

HEAL also co-organised a seminar on First hand evidence of environment-related health problems: experiences and results from a systematic registry project with member organisation Dutch Monitoring Netork on Environment and Health.

During the Conference, HEAL produced a daily newsletter, the Healthy Planet News. A four-page newsletter, it provided a brief and simple introduction to what was taking place, NGO positions on different issues and photographs of publicity stunts, such as Friends of the Earth’s life size “Toxic Teddy”. The newsletter was distributed both at the Ministerial Conference and to participants at the parallel NGO Healthy Planet Forum event. It was also emailed daily to HEAL’s full mailing list and press list and posted daily on the HEAL website. Visitors to the site downloaded at least 500 copies of the newsletter during the week of the Budapest Conference.

- Reports
- NGO priorities highlighted during Budapest conference
- Report of EEN Workshop at the HPF: first-hand evidence of environment-related health problems
- Report of EEN side event during the Ministerial Conference
- Results of Evaluation of ¨Healthy Planet News¨
- EEN launched in Budapest

EEN press coverage on Budapest Ministerial Conference

Consultation and implementation on CEHAPE


Account of Environment and Health events

- NGO strategy conference: making our environment work for children’s health - final report now available online
- Environment and Health in Europe: EEN Advocacy and Capacity Building Training Programme
- EEN report from the first meeting of the new European Environment and Health Committee
- EEN report from the first meeting of the CEHAPE Task Force

Resources on children’s environment and health

- Towards Healthy Environment for Children: FAQ about breastfeeding in a contaminated environment, also available in French and German.
- Working with the Media manual, for other language versions (French, German, Russian and Spanish) please see EEN website
- Introducing the GREEN 9 group of environmental NGOs active at EU level, also available in French and German

Position papers
- EEN Response to the ¨European Environment & Health Action Plan 2004-2010”
- Children’s Health and REACH new chemicals legislation
- EPHA Environment Network policy contribution to EU mercury strategy

Other resources

- Online database Environment and Health NGO Directory
- Video It’s our world, our future too: Young people’s voices on Environment and Health priorities

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