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18 September 2005 | Printer friendly

NGO report on workshop "Towards a strategy for youth participation in the environment and health process", 27-28 September 2005

In the framework of the commitments taken in June 2004 during the Budapest Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, the 52 signatory countries of the final Declaration decided to include the voice of youth in the implementation process of the Budapest commitments. A workshop hosted by the Irish National Children’s Office took place on September 27 and 28 in Dublin to discuss concrete ways on how to involve young people representatives in the European Environment and Health Committee and CEHAPE Task Force.

The workshop aimed to develop a strategy for youth participation building on the Youth Declaration presented at the Budapest Conference, which recommended the involvement of youth in the implementation process of CEHAPE.

EPHA Environment Network took part in the meeting (as the representative of the health NGOs at the EEHC) to observe and also to present its work to the representatives of health, youth, education and environment ministries attending the meeting.

The meeting

Four groups of mixed nationality were created to brainstorm and report back on four issues:

- Workshop 1: What do we mean by participation?
- Workshop 2: What needs to be in place at national level?
- Workshop 3: Making this work at European level to encourage youth participation in the EECH and the CEHAPE Task Force
- Workshop 4: Getting Started

One concrete outcome of the meeting was the decision to involve two youth representatives in the CEHAPE Task Force meeting to take place on 20-21 October and the EEHC meeting on 12-13 December 2005. It was also decided that a mechanism would be set up for 2006 to elect or choose the two young delegates to participate in the implementation process up to the next Ministerial Conference.

Further information and case studies from the meeting will be published in the correspondent country page on the EPHA Environment Network CEHAPE implementation website to be launched on 10 November.

 EEN’s full report

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