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20 July 2005 | Printer friendly

NGO report on the second EEHC meeting , 2-3 June 2005

Below you will find a report by Sascha Gabizon from Eco-forum on the second meeting of the (reconstituted) EEHC which took place in Copenhagen on 2-3 June 2005.

Christian Farrar-Hockley (EPHA Environment Network Policy Officer) attended the Round Table discussion on air quality issues and concerns in Europe. This took place after each of EEHC country members had reported on the latest developments on outdoor and indoor air pollution in their respective countries (these written reports will be posted on the WHO EEHC web page).

Other members of the Panel included:
- Roberto Bertollini - Director WHO
- Michael Hűbel - European Commission DG SANCO
- Chantal Bruetschy - European Commission DG Environment
- Dr Diana Hein - German Ministry of Environment
- Mihály Kőkény, M.D. M.P. Government Commissioner for Public Health Hungary
- David Stanners PhD - European Environment Agency

A lively unprepared session took place in which the panel highlighted some of the major concerns in Europe regarding Regional Priority Goal III of the CEHAPE:

Regional Priority Goal III. We aim to prevent and reduce respiratory disease due to outdoor and indoor air pollution, thereby contributing to a reduction in the frequency of asthmatic attacks, in order to ensure that children can live in an environment with clean air.

Most of the debate centred on the level of ambition to ameliorate outdoor air pollution in the forthcoming EU debate on air quality standards - should standards be set to protect the most vulnerable populations. It was also brought to the attention of the member states that NGOs would highlight areas of non-implementation of existing legislation on air quality, indeed in German and some Southern member states, NGOs have been taking Governments and local town authorities to civil court for non-compliance of EU Air Quality Directives.

For a good overview of the current state of play regarding all aspects of air pollution throughout Europe and to see what air quality is like in your region see: Acid News.

 NGO report from second EEHC meeting

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