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11 October 2005 | Printer friendly

Workshop on a strategy for youth participation, 27-28th September

The Irish National Children Office (NCO) organized, on behalf of the EEHC (European Environment and Health Committee) a workshop on a strategy for youth participation to the CEHAPE decision making process on the 27th-28th of september.

The overall objectives of this workshop were to look at how young people currently take part in decision-making in different parts of the European Region, and how that could work in environment and health. The "Moving Forward - framework document", prepared by the NCO is a starting point for this discussion. The workshop will consider an action plan to implement the recommendations in this document, so that young people’s voices can be heard not only on a national basis but also on the international stage.

Participants were representatives from ministries of health, environment or youth affairs with knowledge or experience of youth participation. EPHA Environment Network took part in it as a representative of the Environment NGOs at the EEHC.

One concrete outcome of the meeting was the decision to involve two youth representatives in the CEHAPE Task Force meeting to take place on 20-21 October and the EEHC meeting on 12-13 December. It was also decided that a mechanism would be set up for 2006 to elect or choose the two young delegates, for the moment two representatives of the Tunza Network would participate in the CEHAPE TF and EEHC meetings.

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