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European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

Contact details

Mission and scope

- Mission:EPHA’s mission is to promote and protect the health of all people living in Europe and advocate greater participation of citizens in health-related policy making at the European level.

- Scope: EU-25 plus neighbouring countries (WHO definition of the European region)

Type of activities on children’s health

- Awareness raising/information exchange
- Advocacy
- Activity projects with or for children

Projects/activities related to the four Regional Priority Goals of the CEHAPE:

- on protection from injuries and adequate physical activity (RPG II)
EU level advocacy campaigns on obesity prevention, specially children’s obesity (including physical activity and nutrition).
Membership of EU policy platforms against obesity.
EU level advocacy actions regarding health and safety, including the safety of children (awareness raising and information exchange.
Children’s conference covering many issues (including RPG II, III and IV))

- on clean outdoor and indoor air - Preventing and reducing respiratory diseases and asthmatic attacks (RPG III)
Advocacy at EU level for a ban of smoking in public places, awareness raising and information exchange, support to EPHA members.

- on chemical-free environments (RPG IV)
Reducing the risk of disease and disability arising from exposure to hazardous chemicals during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.
Participating in consultations, awareness raising, information exchange, support to EPHA members

Consultation and implementation on CEHAPE


EPHA has formulated recommendations adressed to governments of the European Region.

Account of Environment and Health events

EPHA has taken part to the Budapest Conference in June 2004. See the report.


EPHA will publish a report following the conference "Futur Europeans"

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