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European Child Safety Alliance - a programme of the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Contact details

Mission and scope

- Mission: To advocate to achieve safer daily living for children throughout Europe.

- Scope: European

Type of activities on children’s health

- Awareness raising/information exchange
- Advocacy
- Co-funding
- Research
- Training

- Projects/activities related to children’s environment and health:

Projects/activities related to children’s environment and health cover the overarching themes of:
- Primary prevention (improving physical environment)
- Equity (giving priority to protection of children at highest risk)
- Health promotion (preventing and reducing exposure to environmental health hazards)

- On protection from injuries and adequate physical activity (RPG II) The European Child Safety Alliance is currently leading a EC funded project involving 18 member states called the Child Safety Action Plan project whose aim is to develop national action plans to enhance child safety in countries within the European Union using standardised processes and tools.

- 18 Child Safety Report Cards and Country Profiles plus a Summary Report are now available representing the results of the first phase of the Child Safety Action Plan project. All documents at


- The CSAP project has recently published a good practice guide entitled "Child Safety Good Practice Guide: Good investments in unintentional child injury prevention and safety promotion"

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