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Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF)

Contact details

Mission and scope

- Mission:

Women in Europe for a Common Future - WECF is a network of organizations in 30 countries. WECF helps women to actively take part in making their communities healthier and more sustainable. We propose and implement solutions and ask politicians to take action. WECF believes in our right to a healthy environment!

- Scope:

at the international level, WECF advocated at the UN level in "3 ROW". At the European level, it plays a role in 30 european and EECCA countries. And finally, at the national level, it advocates in Netherlands and Germany.

Type of activities on children’s health:

- Awareness raising/information exchange (WECF’s members develop children’s theater)
- Advocacy (on CEHAPE, EU health and Environment Action Plan
- Activity projects with or for children (sanitation and safe water in schools in Eastern Europe)
- Co-funding
- Research
- Training

- Projects/activities related to children’s environment and health:

- On safe water and adequate sanitation (RPG I): implementation projects to improve drinking water quality and sanitation in schools in Eastern Europe, water wells and ecological toilets have been or are being build by WECF and its members in 9 villages in Afghanistan, Armenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Awareness raising and advocacy on water source protection through WECF Working Group Seminars and at international water events like the World Water Forums (Hague, Kyoto, Mexico), and regional ministerial conference such as the EECCA ministers water strategy conferences (Almaty, Yerevan), Publications of case studies on lessons learned and recommendations to policy makers, WECF is one of the initiators of the Women for Water partnership, a global partnership of women from all sectors working for access to safe water and sanitation

- On clean outdoor and indoor air - Preventing and reducing respiratory diseases and asthmatic attacks (RPG III): WECF supports its member AWHHE (Armenian Women for Health and healthy Environment) to carry out a smoke-free school-bus campaign in Armenia.

- On chemical-free environments (RPG IV): WECF’s Toxic Free Future campaign is a key focus of the last 3 years. WECF’s campaign website gives educational materials to download such as toolkits and powerpoint presentation, and also example letters to policy makers and an update policy calendar. WECF gives specific attention to the protection of children from toxic chemicals.

Budapest meeting and consultation process

- Participation in Budapest Ministerial Conference

WECF took an active part at the Budapest ministerial conference where it spoke to many delegates , in particular through their press event in the conference building (see press-release: “don’t pollute our babies bodies!”)

- Participation in Healthy Planet Forum

WECF also participated to the Healthy Planet Forum.

- Reports

WECF wrote a report on the Budapest ministerial conference.

Consultation and implementation on CEHAPE

As far as WECF can tell, none of its members throughout Europe have been contacted by their governements on the implementation of the NEHAP (National Environment and Health Action Plan). However, the french government has contacted WECF and asked for some input.


The government representatives are always invited to the annual meeting of the German Network for Children, Environment and Health, and here WECF presents its case studies and recommendations.

Account of Environment and Health events

WECF took also part in other events related to the PRTR (Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) protocol.


WECF has published some Fact sheets, brochures and also publishes a newsletter on its website. The numerous publications can be found on WECF’s website.

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